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Song List:

Act I

Prologue - Chain Gang, Valjean, and Javert
One Parole/The Bishop - Constables, Bishop of Digne
Valjean's Soliloquy (What Have I Done?) - Valjean
At the End of the Day - The Poor, Foreman, Women, Fantine, Factory Girl
I Dreamed a Dream - Fantine
Lovely Ladies - Sailors, Hookers, Fantine, Old Woman, Crone, Pimp
Fantine's Arrest - Javert, Fantine, Bamatabois, Valjean
The Runaway Cart - Valjean, Crowd, Fauchelevent, Javert
Who am I? - Valjean
Fantine's Death (Come to Me) - Fantine, Valjean
The Confrontation - Valjean, Javert
Castle on a Cloud - Little Cosette
Master of the House - Madame Thenadier, Thenadier, and Customers
The Bargain (Waltz of Treachery) - Thenadiers and Valjean
Look Down - Gavroche and Beggars
Stars - Javert
Red and Black (The ABC Cafe) - Enjolras, Marius, Students
Do You Hear the People Sing? - Enjolras, Students, and Citizens
In My Life - Cosette, Valjean
A Heart Full Of Love - Cosette, Marius, Eponine
The Attack on Rue Plumet - Thenadier, Robbers (Montparnasse, Babet, Brujon, Calquesous, Eponine)
One Day More - Company

Act II

On My Own - Eponine
Little People - Gavroche
First Attack - Policemen, Enjolras, Students

A Little Fall of Rain - Eponine, Marius
Drink With Me - Granataire, Students, Women
Bring Him Home - Valjean
Second Attack
The Sewers
Dog Eats Dog - Thenadier
Javert's Suicide - Javert
Turning - Women
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Marius
Every Day - Cosette, Marius
The Wedding Choral - Guests

Beggars at the Feast - Thenadiers
Finale - Company


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